IMPACT has developed an innovative approach that provides law firms the ability to gain a competitive edge by making intelligent marketing decisions.

Strategic Analysis Software

This is one of the first steps in developing a law firm’s marketing plan. The software analyzes data from current and former clients and recommends tactical and strategic opportunities.

Using the results from the Strategic Analysis Software, law firms develop strategies to generate more business from current clients, obtain new clients within the market groups presently served, and target new market groups for business expansion and diversification.

Marketing Database Information System (MDIS)

The second phase of IMPACT’s marketing approach is database marketing. This process incorporates the information gathered from the Strategic Analysis Software and combines it with market research data to create a Marketing Database Information System (MDIS).

This MDIS software supports marketing activities by collecting information on existing clients, internal resources, prospective clients and competitors. The information is used to:

bulletTrack current clients, contacts and prospects
bulletEstablish lawyer profiles, client profiles and practice portfolios
bulletIdentify industry and practice area trends
bulletMeasure service quality through client assessment surveys
bulletAssess the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
bulletUpdate firm literature and brochures
bulletDevelop targeted mailings
bulletMatch client needs with firm capabilities (cross-selling)
bulletRespond to request for proposals (RFPs)
bulletPursue leads on new business opportunities
bulletMeasure marketing productivity
bulletIdentify conflicts of interest


Executive Search Software

This product assists law firms and executive placement firms in the search for qualified attorneys.