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Helpful Search Hints:

To retrieve more specific results, you can specify the following criteria:

  • Use multiple words (ex: proposal software)
  • Use quotation marks (ex: "database technology")
  • Use wildcards (ex: data*)
  • Use plus (+) or minus (-) signs (ex: +credit +letter -equity - line)

    • To search for multiple words, separate each word with a space. For example, if you specify database technology, the search engine will return all documents that contain the words database or technology. Additionally, it will return all documents that contain variations of these words, such as databases.

    • Use quotation marks when searching for phrases or word that must appear together, as in "proposal software". Otherwise, your search would result in all IMPACT, Inc. pages with the words "proposal" and "software."

    • Wildcard searches increase the number of results you can obtain from even a partial query. The asterisk (*) is used to represent any and all character combinations (of any length) which appear where the asterisk is placed.
      For example, the search term
      data* will find the words database and data

    • Use a plus sign (+) when your search term MUST appear in the results. Use a minus (-) to indicate undesirable terms.


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