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January 2004 Create Columns using Text Boxes
December 2003 Resizing Table Columns
November 2003 Sorting By Heading in Word
October 2003 Make Shift Turn Off Caps Lock
September 2003 Entering Non Standard Characters
August 2003 Edit Text in Preview Mode
July 2003 Edit Different Parts of a
Document in the Same Window
June 2003 Switching Word Documents
April 2003 Save All Word Documents at Once
March 2003 Simulate Right Mouse Click with the Keyboard
February 2003 Phone Number Search
January 2003 Keyboard Shortcut for Word
December 2002 Save all your Word documents at once
November 2002 Add Attractive Horizontal Lines in  Word
October 2002 Resetting Paragraph Formatting
September 2002 Toggling Print Preview
August 2002 Working with Document Links
July 2002 Selecting the Entire Document with the Mouse
June 2002 Paragraph Formatting Shortcuts
May 2002 Information Services
April 2002 Tips for Word
March 2002 Filling in Scanned Forms in Word
February 2002 General Tips for Word
January 2002 Reveal Codes in Word
December 2001 Pasting Unformatted Text - Macro
November 2001 Quickly Cycle Through Word Heading Styles
October 2001 Squished Justification
September 2001 Keep Your Hands Off the Mouse
June 2001 Print Folders from Explorer and More...
April 2001 Add Pop-up Lists to Any Word Document
March 2001 List Word Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands
February 2001 File Extension Meanings
12-18-2000 More Explorer Help
12-11-2000 Create Click Here and Type Fields
12-04-2000 Show Full Document Path On Toolbar
11-27-2000 Quickly Remove Default Borders in Tables
11-20-2000 Close All Open Documents at Once
11-13-2000 E-Business Glossary (400 Terms Defined)
11-6-2000 Fun Tips
10-30-2000 Shortcut to Opening Explorer's "Find All Files"
10-23-2000 Shortcut to Opening Explorer
10-16-2000 Fast Shortcuts for Office Programs